Ruma Paruthi


I strive to make peoples’ lives better in all aspects of my professional and personal life. This requires establishing a relationship grounded on trust. I work for my clients based on fiduciary principle. That is, I promise to always work in your best interest. My objective is for you to not just gain in value when you trade your property with me but also have a positive experience while doing so. After all, positive experiences are what make our lives meaningful.

I have extensive experience in buying and selling residential real estate at all levels. I have been practicing as an agent for past 8 years and have been consistently recognized for my efforts. I am a proud recipient of RightAtHome Realty’s prestigious President Award, Producer’s Award, Platinum Award and two Silver Awards. I have earned double Bachelors degrees and a Masters degree and have worked in an array of industries including education, retail and banking prior to starting my practice in real estate. These experiences have enriched me personally and professionally. They have helped me understand issues from multiple dimensions and across many communities. I bring the insights built over this long and diverse career, as well as my global experience, to inform my client-partners. Yes, my relationship with my clients is that of a partnership in which I am equally professional invested in achieving a successful outcome. My approach always involves aligning with my clients’ objective, whether it is buying a home to raise a family, gaining independence, investing for future or growing their wealth.

I also bring in my extensive network to help my clients with their mortgage, property inspection and other concerns. I also help my clients with market analysis and provide relevant insights to make sure they are able to make informed choices. My relationships have been the primary reason that my clients have been with me through their life-journeys, working with me on multiple trades and some, fortunately, are now dear friends. I believe in relationships with my clients that are not transactional but enduring. I want to enable, and be a part of, your seamless experience.